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Shine On Exterior Pro is Family Owned & Operated.


Customers are our best referral. Find out for yourself by reading our reviews.

"Lane and his crew came out to our house in New Braunfels to pressure wash the exterior. Excellent job and very professional. Highly recommend for anyone searching for pressure washing New Braunfels or Canyon Lake area."
Amy B.
"A terrific job... they are professional and courteous... well done!"
Joseph C.

Expert Roof Soft-Washing

A filthy roof is more than an aesthetic matter. Without cleaning, your roof will lose much of its life. Did you know that some insurance companies are refusing to pay damage claims on dirty roofs because they recognize poor maintenance as a cause for premature roof failure? Wow! Don’t let this happen to you!
Many roofs are replaced instead of cleaned, as a result of how they look, which is a huge and unwarranted early investment.

The soft wash process we use is a service we furnish without high pressure. High pressure roof cleaning can create granule loss and exposure of the weathering layers of your shingles, along with numerous other devastating issues. We use the most modernized procedures with the finest equipment and high grade solutions to clean your roof entirely and safely.

If your roof is full of waste matter and grime, or birds or critters have become a significant issue, you can count on Shine On Exterior Pro to clean your roof. We are the first choice and highly preferred property maintenance and exterior cleaning company in the Canyon Lake and surrounding areas. For cleaning or washing your tile, asphalt shingle, aluminum or metal roof, we can restore your roof today. Call us for a free roof cleaning estimate!

Look No Further!

A clean roof will help attract buyers when selling your home. Have you been searching for a company that can handle ALL your property’s exterior cleaning needs? Maybe you have a company and just aren’t satisfied with your current service? Look no further, we have the expert knowledge and experience to handle all your property’s cleaning needs and to fit your budget!
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