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"Lane and his crew came out to our house in New Braunfels to pressure wash the exterior. Excellent job and very professional. Highly recommend for anyone searching for pressure washing New Braunfels or Canyon Lake area."
Amy B.
"A terrific job... they are professional and courteous... well done!"
Joseph C.

Pressure Washing Sugar Land & Canyon Lake Trusts

We are a locally owned and operated exterior cleaning company proudly serving Sugar Land and Canyon Lake. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and have built our business on the principles of quality work, honesty, and integrity. Shine On Exterior Pro provides our customers with cost-efficient, high quality professional cleaning solutions. We offer a full range of services in exterior maintenance serving residential and multi-family buildings. In addition, we clean and provide pressure washing services for commercial and industrial properties, as well.

Our team and crew appreciate the value of our clients’ properties, along with the level of care that is required to properly clean your effects. As property holders ourselves, we recognize precisely how important it is to have a reputable contractor. You’re looking for a professional who you can trust to take extraordinary care in restoring the beauty of your property. With power washing Sugar Land and Canyon Lake, we provide the very same caution and awareness that you would use. Look no further! We will surpass your expectations in its entirety.

Our team is dedicated to providing class workmanship and customer satisfaction with every job. We treat your home and building with the same care, as if it were our own. Our crew does not leave the job until we have our customers full satisfaction. Shine On Exterior Pro has state of the art equipment, highly trained staff, and experience to complete any job you may have in a prompt, respectable, and confident manner. No job to big, no job too small, our quality care is guaranteed with every project. We are committed to you with our dedication to superiority, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. We are the number one choice for pressure washing Sugar Land TX and Canyon Lake. Don’t let your home or office suffer another season of harsh Mold and Mildew.

Restore Curb Appeal With Power Washing Sugar Land and Canyon Lake Relies On

House exteriors, like all other surfaces, need to be cleaned. We safely soft wash all types of surfaces including stucco, brick, siding, gutters, and stone. Our soft wash process cleans exterior home surfaces without causing harm to delicate items. When you need a house wash, you need soft washing. We are pleased to supply house washing services that will leave your property investment safe, clean, and curb appeal-ready. Our team is committed to your satisfaction. We utilize a soft wash application that frees your home of grime, debris, and other messes. As seasons change, Sugar Land and Canyon Lake get exposed to a span of weather and temperature variants. These climates can take a toll on your home and will also harbor mold and algae growth. If disregarded, these black stains are unattractive and a health risk. Shine On Exterior Pro will help your home reclaim its curb appeal and keep it clean. The soft wash approach is key and as a homeowner, this should be important to you, as well. This gentle, low-pressure technique guarantees that your home won’t be exposed to any risk throughout the cleaning process. This stands in sharp contrast to traditional high-pressure methods, which are well known to fracture siding, impose water damage, and discolor home exteriors. Your home deserves the best and Shine On Exterior Pro is proud to offer you just that. Whether your house is brick, vinyl, stucco, or anything else, we have the perfect cleaning solution for it! If you need pressure washing Sugar Land TX or Canyon Lake, Call Today!

Pressure Washing Sugar Land TX and Canyon Lake TX

We clean all kinds of concrete. Some of the most common items we pressure wash at residents homes are the driveway, sidewalk, and walkway. We aid homeowners in keeping their driveway and sidewalk surface spotless, maintained and free of mold. Our surface cleaner is used to pressure wash the concrete to ensure an even clean. Call us today to talk about your concrete pressure washing needs. We offer professional concrete cleaning services that will turn your driveway, sidewalk, and walkway into a beam of curb appeal.

Our team will arrive at your property with professional equipment and proficiency to revive and bring back your concrete spaces. After a full wash and scrub, your surfaces will be free of oil, stains and any other imperfections that are generating eyesores.

Your driveway and any other concrete spaces on your property are inclined to tolerate a lot of wear and tear in everyday life. Regular cleanings from Shine On Exterior Pro fends off cracking, dusting, or ruin. We take pride in our attention to detail and have the equipment and skill to remove the most stubborn stains and debris from your concrete.

Our concrete washing service transforms your property into a beam of curb appeal. It also prevents costly damages so that you can focus on what counts, your beautiful home or business. To stimulate your property’s transformation, get your free estimate today!

Deck & Fence Pressure Washing Sugar Land TX and Canyon Lake TX

Your deck should be a space to relax and unwind after a hard days work, not a place to stress about its condition every time you see it. Shine On Exterior Pro is pleased to offer deck and fence cleaning services that will make your property stand out and resist the test of time! Our team will come to your commercial or residential property with the specialized equipment required to restore your space to its pristine condition. We use top quality wood cleansers and surface washers to guarantee that your deck, porch, or fence is free of stains, dirt, mold, algae, and other defects. It’s important to take care of these things swiftly. If left unattended, these issues can permanently ruin your property, resulting in costly repairs or replacements. Our skilled pressure washing Sugar Land TX team provides the expertise to ensure that your space can go the extra mile. Each property is different and unique, which is why we offer services tailored to your needs: deck restoration, patio furniture cleaning, fence cleaning, and patio washing are just a few of the solutions we offer. We cater each of these resources to your property so you can ensure you’re getting the best results. Restore your fence and deck to their original radiance. And let our skilled team provide expertise to turn your expectations into reality. Call us today for your free estimate!

Roof Soft-Washing & Window Cleaning New Braunfels Tx

A filthy roof is more than an aesthetic matter. Without cleaning, your roof will lose much of its life. Did you know that some insurance companies are refusing to pay damage claims on dirty roofs because they recognize poor maintenance as a cause for premature roof failure? Wow! Don’t let this happen to you!
Many roofs are replaced instead of cleaned, as a result of how they look, which is a huge and unwarranted early investment.

The soft wash process we use for pressure washing Austin Tx & New Braunfels area is a service we furnish without high pressure. High pressure roof cleaning can create granule loss and exposure of the weathering layers of your shingles, along with numerous other devastating issues. Shine On Exterior Pro uses the most modernized procedures with the finest equipment and high grade solutions to clean your roof entirely and safely.

If your roof is full of waste matter and grime, or birds or critters have become a significant issue, you can count on us to clean your roof. We are the first choice and highly preferred property maintenance and exterior cleaning company in the Canyon Lake and New Braunfels surrounding areas. For cleaning or washing your tile, asphalt shingle, aluminum or metal roof, we can restore your roof today. Call us for a free roof cleaning estimate!

Commercial Property Exterior Cleaning

Commercial property exterior cleaning is another place we excel at Shine On Exterior Pro. If you are in need of commercial cleaning, we have a wash solution for you. If you have a surface around your property that needs to be restored, reach out to us now. We are skilled at revitalizing and restoring neglected surfaces around businesses. Our commercial clients include an array of gas stations, restaurants, office buildings, shopping areas, and apartment complexes, among others. The entrance to your business will make a lasting first impression. Make sure that your commercial property’s driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks are aesthetically pleasing. We offer concrete cleaning services that will leave your property safe, ultraclean, and sanitary. Commercial properties have a lot of traffic, thus wear and tear is a concern. Vehicles track oil leaks, skid marks and pedestrians leave spilled drinks and gum. Meanwhile, our seasonal Texas weather leaves dirt and pollen on the surface. Bottom line is your commercial property’s entrance needs regular cleaning to maintain it's appeal. Our locally owned company provides the skill and technology to meet your needs. Our team recognizes that every property is unique and will always start with an inspection to develop the most successful and accomplished work plan. We’ll come to your space equipped with the equipment needed to completely scrub clean all your surfaces, so that your space will look just like new again. Every commercial property has a before and after story. No matter how bad it is before, we provide the skill to make your after picture perfect. We’ll also work with your company to ensure that our service is convenient and professional, minimizing interruptions to the daily workflow of your property. Let Shine On Exterior Pro help your entrances strengthen your property. Call today so we can learn more about your specific goals and needs.

Parking Lot Striping & Fire Curb Services

It’s important to make the right first impression and we take straight lines seriously. We are ready to conquer all parking lot striping San Antonio, Canyon Lake and New Braunfels needs. Our team receives in-depth training focused on quality and safety. Every striping project is measured and laid out by a skilled crew leader. The result: lines that are even, centered, and straight every time. Our expertise and experience allows us to complete even the most demanding projects on time and to the highest standards. Parking lots, parking garages, turn lanes, airports, malls, industrial warehouses and more. We also only use the best quality striping machines and paint.

The type of paint matters. Shine On Exterior Pro uses specialized paint based on the job at hand. For instance, we use a specific traffic paint when striping concrete pavement. This high-grade paint lasts five times longer on concrete parking lots than standard traffic paint. Cutting corners doesn’t save money in the long run. We make sure that all our striping is in compliance with the Fire Marshall Codes.

Our purpose is to keep your parking lot looking professional, polished, and safe for all your customers. Handicapped areas, fire lanes, and parking spots must be clearly defined, which makes it less likely for someone to have an accident on your property. Clear and evident lines let drivers know where to observe pedestrians, when to yield to other drivers, and where they are allowed to park their vehicle. Making sure these lines are perceptible is principle to the safety and organization of drivers. In order for these lines to be as visible as possible, it is recommended to re-stripe a parking lot every two to three years to keep them clean and crisp. We can follow a layout or create a completely new parking lot design that meets your needs. If you have a San Antonio paving & striping need, or anywhere from there to Austin, to New Braunfels or Canyon Lake areas, call us today!

Our striping/fire curb services include:

Fire Lanes
Handicapped Parking/ ADA Compliance
Loading Zones
Parking Spaces
Directional Arrows
Speed Bump Painting
Pedestrian Crossing
Custom Stenciling

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