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Shine On Exterior Pro is Family Owned & Operated.


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"Lane and his crew came out to our house in New Braunfels to pressure wash the exterior. Excellent job and very professional. Highly recommend for anyone searching for pressure washing New Braunfels or Canyon Lake area."
Amy B.
"A terrific job... they are professional and courteous... well done!"
Joseph C.

Striping & Fire Curb Services You Can Trust

It’s important to make the right first impression and we take straight lines seriously. Our team receives in-depth training focused on quality and safety. Every striping project is measured and laid out by a skilled crew leader. The result: lines that are even, centered, and straight every time. Our expertise and experience allows us to complete even the most demanding projects on time and to the highest standards. Parking lots, parking garages, turn lanes, airports, malls, industrial warehouses and more. We also only use the best quality striping machines and paint.

The type of paint matters. Shine On Exterior Pro uses specialized paint based on the job at hand. For instance, we use a specific traffic paint when striping concrete pavement. This high-grade paint lasts five times longer on concrete parking lots than standard traffic paint. Cutting corners doesn’t save money in the long run. We make sure that all our striping is in compliance with the Fire Marshall Codes.

Our purpose is to keep your parking lot looking professional, polished, and safe for all your customers. Handicapped areas, fire lanes, and parking spots must be clearly defined, which makes it less likely for someone to have an accident on your property. Clear and evident lines let drivers know where to observe pedestrians, when to yield to other drivers, and where they are allowed to park their vehicle. Making sure these lines are perceptible is principle to the safety and organization of drivers. In order for these lines to be as visible as possible, it is recommended to re-stripe a parking lot every two to three years to keep them clean and crisp. We can follow a layout or create a completely new parking lot design that meets your needs.

We Offer Many Striping & Fire Curb Services to Meet Your Needs

Our striping/fire curb services include: Fire Lanes, Handicapped Parking/ADA Compliance, Loading Zones, Parking Spaces, Directional Arrows, Speed Bump Painting, Pedestrian Crossing, Custom Stenciling. You name it, we do it.